Fashioning Careers: Twin Sisters’ Journey to JCPenney

Twin sisters Judy Fetter ’03 and Jenny Green ’02 both graduated from the Department of Fashion Merchandising and now hold positions at JCPenney: Fetter as Director of Digital Commerce, Home & Strategy, and Green as Director of Stores Finance.  

“It’s wonderful working together,” said Fetter. “Jenny is my best friend, and seeing each other daily at work all these years has been a huge blessing.”  

We spoke with the pair of sisters to explore their shared passion for fashion merchandising and the unique bond the program cultivated between them. 

Finding Passion   

Green’s interest in fashion merchandising sparked unexpectedly during a sophomore English assignment at TCU.  

“I had to write a paper about my major, even though I hadn’t declared one yet,” Green explained. “Following my professor’s advice, I explored different areas of interest, which led me to the Department of Fashion Merchandising.” 

Twin sisters Jenny Green and Judy Fetter at a TCU basketball game.

Jenny Green ’02 (left) and Judy Fetter ’03 enjoying a TCU basketball game together.

Department Chair Sally Fortenberry offered Green the opportunity to attend a class and discuss the department, career opportunities and traits she felt were a good fit for the major.  

“It was a tremendous gift that placed me in a major and an industry that are a great fit for me.”  

On the other hand, Fetter hadn’t initially considered a career in the field, despite her and her sister having prior retail experience during their high school and college years. 

“It took me quite some time to settle on a major, and even after I did, I changed it four times,” Fetter recalled. “Jenny had already found her path in fashion merchandising and suggested I come take a class because she thought it would be a good fit for me. It didn’t take long for me to realize that fashion was what I really wanted to pursue.” 

Fetter, already well into her advertising and public relations studies, decided to add fashion merchandising as a second major. Both sisters proudly graduated from TCU, each forging their unique path in the fashion industry.

Dynamic Careers at JCPenney

Judy and Jenny attending an office holiday party at JCPenney.

Judy (left) and Jenny attending an office holiday party at JCPenney.

Fetter’s journey with the company began after graduation when she joined as a merchandise trainee, participating in a 6-month program that allowed her to rotate through buying, planning and allocation. Over the next decade, she embraced various roles within the organization, progressing from allocation to assistant buyer, merchandise planner, associate buyer, and eventually buyer.

Fetter then moved to Fossil where she worked for two years on the wholesale side before returning to JCPenney.

“I have loved that my career has allowed me to move into all kinds of different roles. I also love that I have used what I learned at TCU in the “real world” and have been able to blend the art and science of retail that is so fun within my different roles.”

Over Green’s 22-year career, she has worked at Neiman Marcus, Zale Corporation and JCPenney. She has taken on various roles including buyer, merchandise planner, leadership roles in allocation and testing teams, and currently leads the JCPenney finance team.

“When we started our careers, we ended up at different companies both trying to forge our own paths,” said Green. 

When the branch of Zale Corporation where Green worked was sold to a New York-based company, she chose not to relocate. Instead, a former colleague from Neiman Marcus, who joined JCPenney, offered her an interview for a position within his team.  

“Judy recommended the company to me for years, and when I finally joined, we attended all our required training together. Even though we have never been in the same area, we are supportive of each other, brainstorm together, and act as sounding boards for each other. God gave us a special gift of getting to bond at work as well as outside of work.”