Design students win 60 international awards via Graphis New Talent Annual


The poster design “Live in Wonder” created by student Rose Hoover was awarded a platinum medal in the Graphis 2021 New Talent Annual.

Twenty-nine students and recent graduates in the Department of Design have won a combined 60 medals (one platinum, 15 gold and 44 silver) in the Graphis 2021 New Talent Annual international awards program.

Graphis is the oldest and considered to be one of the most distinguished adjudicated forums for design work worldwide. TCU had the highest rate of accepted work in this year’s competition. In addition, TCU students garnered 65 honorable mention awards.

Senior graphic design student Rose Hoover is among the 29 TCU graphic designers who won medals in the Graphis 2021 New Talent Annual.

Senior graphic design student Rose Hoover won a platinum award for her poster design “Live in Wonder” from an assignment to communicate a personal mantra. Interestingly, Hoover created the poster with very little use of design software. Hoover calls her process of incorporating found objects into the final project “strategically designed.”

“I chose to communicate the word wonder by laser-cutting the letters out of poster board. Since my inspiration for this word came from my curiosity for the world, I wanted to incorporate actual elements from the environment,” said Hoover. “I ended up including octopus, blue crab, cactus, moss, and spray painted plants. The only computer work needed was to touch up some of the colors and imperfections of the laser cut.”

Later this year, Hoover’s work will be published in the Graphis 2021 New Talent Annual hardcover book with commentary and a photo of her supervising faculty member, William Galyean.

Entering work into adjudicated design competitions, like the Graphis New Talent Annual, is an important part of a design student’s education and portfolio development. Portfolios help demonstrate students’ technical skills and creativity to potential employers.

Other Graphis 2021 New Talent Annual medalists from TCU include:


Trevor Scott
Advertising Automotive, “Toyota 4Runner”
Design Poster, “Gone With the Wind Poster”

Trevor Scott and Madi Grace Thornton
Advertising Product, “Coleman Constellation Campaign”

Annika Ballestro
Photography Portraits, “Lilly”
Design Poster, “North By Northwest Movie Poster”

Madison Jones
Photography Portraits, “Ellie”
Advertising Product, “Yeti: Gear For You”


Kenzie Ashley (with interior design students Macie Robinson and Vanesa Gjeci)
Design Branding, “Amity Link Tattoo Artistry”

Kaylen Couch
Photography Portraits, “Portrait Assignment”

Madeleine Alff
Design Branding, “Conspiracy Case”

Julia Reedy
Photography Still Life, “Still Life”

Michaela Bollinger
Design Poster, “The Third Man”

Sarah Cuttic
Advertising Product, “Play-Doh Advertisements”

Courtney Shaw
Advertising Food, “Dove Chocolate Ad”

Shaye Wiley
Photography Portraits, “Student Portraits”


Elizabeth Ireland
Design Packaging, “Eden’s Essentials”
Design Editorial, “Ascend”
Design Editorial, “Nomad Travel Magazine”
Design Editorial, “Stranded; A Scout’s Survival Guide”

Trevor Scott
Advertising Product, “Cold War”
Design Logo, “Twisted”
Photography Portraits, “Cowboy”
Design Books, “Darkness at Noon”

Caroline Fischer
Design Packaging, “Sidewinder Cowboy Hat Accessories”
Design Packaging, “Cucina Italiana”
Design Packaging, “Radiant Sunscreen”

Kaylen Couch
Advertising Product, “Product Extension”
Design Poster, “Film Poster for Psycho”

Gretchen Rea
Photography Portraits, “Portrait Photography”
Design Branding, “Restaurant Branding”

Kenzie Ashley
Design Branding, “The Farrington Inn Rebrand”
Film/Video Design | Interactive, “Tutorly Mobile Application”

Rebecca Lang
Advertising Food, “Snack Attack”
Design Branding, “Chocolate for Men Brand Identity”

Kirsten McFarlan
Advertising Product, “Dyson Vacuum Print Ad”
Film/Video Advertising | Commercial, “Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Commercial (3)”

Tryn Woessner
Design Poster, “Cool Hand Luke Poster”
Photography Portraits, “Self Portrait”

Madi Grace Thornton
Photography Digital, “Fort Worth/ Haltom City Signage”
Photography Portraits, “3 Model Portrait”

Lindsay Browne
Advertising Retail, “Puma Ad”
Design Books, “Wide Sargasso Sea Book Cover”

Nicole Oesterreicher*
Advertising Beverage, “Holy Kombucha”
Design Branding, “Cowboy Culture”

Cassie Schmidt*
Film/Video Design | Animation, “Dive App Promo”
Design Books, “I Am Fashion”

Rae McCollum*
Film/Video Advertising | Commercial, “Odesza Tour Hype Video”
Design Books, “Reminiscence”

Caroline Broadus
Advertising Automotive, “You Are What You Drive”

Sawyer E. Tucker
Photography Digital, “Pillow Spray”

Clair Levisay
Design Restaurant, “Curryous”

Julia Reedy
Photography Portraits, “Portrait”

Sarah Cuttic (with interior design students Olivia Biggs and Sydney Welling)
Design Branding, “760 MOD Branding”

Annika Ballestro
Design Books, “Pale Fire Book Cover”

Derek Bowers
Film/Video Design | Animation, “Taiyo No Tani Distilling Commercials”

Madeleine Alff
Design Editorial, “Trill Magazine”

Kaitlyn Kurtz
Photography Still Life, “Golden Ideas”

Rose Hoover
Design Packaging, “Chance the Rapper: VIP Concert Box”

Brooke Honcharik*
Film/Video Design | Film Title, “The Vault of Dreamers Trailer”

*Denotes Fall 2020 graduate