CREATE + PROTECT: Mask exhibition showcases creativity across campus


As the pandemic continues to evolve, staff at the Art Galleries at TCU have found a way to turn this new normal into art. CREATE + PROTECT: Fashioning Safety in Times of Pandemic (now open) is a socially-distanced exhibition that features original face mask creations from members of the TCU community.

“Using a mask as a personal accessory, or as an extension of your outfit, has become the new norm.” Brittany Murray’s If I Must Wear A Mask, 2020.

Conceived as a way to inspire creativity amongst a year of dramatic change, CREATE + PROTECT is a juried exhibition that includes pieces by students, faculty, staff, alumni and even a future Horned Frog. The exhibition represents the creative minds from programs across the TCU campus, including art, theatre, fashion merchandising, political science, nurse anesthesia and communications.

If I Must Wear A Mask, created by School of Art undergraduate student Brittany Murray, was selected as the best in show because it “exemplifies many of the questions posed around the current reality and cultural impact of mask wearing,” according to jurors.

“I made If I Must Wear a Mask in the first few weeks of quarantine out of some fabric that I designed and printed the year prior,” said Murray. “I have always loved fashion, but I was surprised how self-conscious I was when photographing the work in March, and I believe I was in fear of people thinking I was making light of the situation. However, using a mask as a personal accessory, or as an extension of your outfit, has become the new norm.”

Honorable mentions were awarded to Theatre TCU costume technician Sarah Tonemah (Not Your Mask-cot!), undergraduate art student Davion Mack (3020 FILTER BOX), and undergraduate fashion merchandising student Claudia Rodriguez (Tribe). Each artist had a unique reason for channeling their creativity into a mask creation.


The exhibition is on display in the Mary Couts Burnett Library through Nov. 14 for the on-campus community this semester. Off-campus community members and the public are invited to view the exhibition via The Art Galleries at TCU Artsy page indefinitely.

CREATE + PROTECT was juried by The Art Galleries at TCU Director, Sara-Jayne Parsons; The Art Galleries at TCU Manager, Lynné Bowman Cravens; and TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library Specialist, Kerri Menchaca.

To learn more, visit The Art Galleries at TCU website.