College of Fine Arts Spotlights 2022 Seniors in Theatre, Music, Dance

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The TCU College of Fine Arts is preparing to graduate an outstanding spring 2022 class. Three of its graduates include Stephanie Montes de Oca Frias from the School for Classical and Contemporary Dance, Jéssica Webba from the School of Music and Gabe Woodard from the Department of Theatre.

Stephanie Montes de Oca Frias
Modern Dance

Why did you choose to attend TCU?  
From the moment I walked through the doors of the School for Classical & Contemporary dance, I felt supported and encouraged to pursue my dreams. The chair of the dance department, Elizabeth Gillaspy, not only encouraged me to pursue the things I had only ever hoped for, but she made it clear that there were resources at TCU to help me achieve them. I knew in that moment that at TCU I would be challenged to grow and reach everything I had ever aspired to be and that I would have a community behind me cheering me on.

Stephanie Montes de Oca FriasTell us about your internships and involvement during your time at TCU. 
Thanks to the wonderful Susan Douglas Roberts who connected me, I have been an intern with Artes de la Rosa since the fall of 2021. As an intern, under the direction of Sara Herrera, education director, and William Gíron, executive director, I worked as a dance instructor and choreographer for the Artes Academy Youth Program. In addition, I assisted with marketing, web design, and the administration and execution of community programming and serve the Latinx community of Fort Worth. Being involved with Artes has allowed me to put into practice everything I have learned about non-profits through my minor, build connections with arts organization and community leaders in Fort Worth and get a taste of what it will be like to work in the non-profit sector.

Tell us about your proudest accomplishment while at TCU. 
My proudest accomplishment at TCU is graduating as a first-generation college student from one of the most expensive and prestigious institutions in the country. I am getting to pioneer a better future for not only the generations to come after me but also for the Latinx community.

What will you miss most about TCU? 
I will miss being able to knock on the doors of my professors anytime I have a question. (Even though I know they will forever be an email or phone call away!)

What’s next for you?
After graduation, I plan to dance professionally, choreograph and continue my work with nonprofit arts organizations.

Jéssica Webba

Why did you choose to attend TCU?
TCU accepted and welcomed me at a time that was very hard for my family and me. The financial support, amiable community, beautiful campus and faculty of the music department made it an easy decision.

Jéssica WebbaTell us about your internships and involvement during your time at TCU.
While at TCU I served as Frog Camp facilitator, peer guide, External affairs chair of the International Student Association and event coordinator/president and co-music director of License to Trill A Capella.

Tell us about your proudest accomplishment while at TCU.
Thanks to the encouragement of TCU faculty and friends, I had the privilege of making my debut at the Majestic Theatre Stage in Lyric Stage’s production of Best of Broadway: A Pops Concert and Ragtime respectively.

What will you miss most about TCU?
I will miss the wonderful faculty that has cultivated my knowledge and the friends I made through the years.

What’s next for you? 
I will pursue an MBA and continue to audition for musical theatre productions around DFW.

Gabe Woodard
Theatre with emphasis in Musical Theatre

Why did you choose to attend TCU?
TCU came into my life at the right time and in the right place. After auditioning for various different schools and receiving the scholarship I did, TCU became the perfect fit for me. As soon as I met the people here, I knew TCU was the right fit for me. Everyone here became a friend almost immediately.

Gabe WoodardTell us about your internships and involvement during your time at TCU.
Since being at TCU, I have been a part of seven theater TCU productions. My favorite roles include: Eddie in Sister Act, Black in Wild Party and Paul in Company. I am also a part of Theatre TCU Black Excellence and have performed with them in various events. I was also a part of The Horned Tones my freshman year through my junior year of college.

Tell us about your proudest accomplishment while at TCU.
I think being a swing in 42nd Street is my proudest accomplishment while at TCU. At the time I was a second-semester ‘freshman and had only taken a beginner tap class at the time. This show pushed me to my limits and ingrained in me the value of hard work. The week of the show, the director chose to give me a chance to perform in the opening number of the show, rewarding me for my hard work throughout the entire process. It meant the world.

What will you miss most about TCU?
I will miss the community more than anything. Not having the people and friends I have here around always is going to be a tough adjustment.

What’s next for you?
I plan to begin submitting for various theatres and film/TV casting calls and hope to begin a career in acting.

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