Adam Fung’s Uncommon Arctic Adventure


The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens served as a touchstone for artist Adam Fung, who was a Washington state toddler at the time. He has since built a name in the art world by painting landscapes and starscapes on wall-sized canvases.

When Fung, assistant professor of art, heard about a residency sponsored by the Arctic Circle, a nonprofit organization with a mission to introduce artists and scientists to the planet’s North in hopes they would become advocates, he wanted to apply. Through art, Fung said, he could act as an ambassador for the Arctic.

But mixing studio art projects, family life and teaching duties meant waiting until his busy schedule would allow a three-week trip. The stars eventually aligned, and the Arctic Circle selected Fung to be among the 28 participants on its 2016 Summer Solstice journey.

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