2020 Senior Scholar Spotlight: Kayce Goen


The College of Fine Arts congratulates our John V. Roach Honors College 2020 Senior Scholars! Selected by faculty consensus in their respective schools and departments, these exceptional seniors represent academic excellence and outstanding achievement.

While Senior Scholars are typically honored at the Convocation of Academic Excellence in April each year, we are proud to recognize this year’s students virtually. Learn more about 2020 Fine Arts Senior Scholar, Kayce Goen, and her future plans below.

Kayce Goen, Department of Design

Senior Scholar Kayce Goen

Degree: BFA in Graphic Design

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Why did you come to TCU?

I felt led to TCU as a junior in high school because of a few things. With the student/professor ratio being as small as it is, I knew I would get a lot of one-on-one counsel. It was close enough to home, but not too close. I’ve always loved Fort Worth. The design program was highly successful with a nearly 100% employment rate, and I just liked TCU!

Why did you choose to major in graphic design?

I chose to major in graphic design when I spent two years after high school and before TCU to attend a bible school. It was during this time of growth and maturing that I realized the impact graphic design can have no matter where in the world I go. I always wanted to do something in a creative field and I found that graphic design is a skill that can impact people’s lives from anywhere and for many different purposes.

Tell us about your internship and study abroad experience.

I interned at an agency here in Fort Worth last summer called Ardent Creative. I met amazing people and learned so much about how the design world works, what is important in a workplace, and more about what field of design I really wanted to work in. I also studied abroad in Italy where I grew a deep love for cooking and hosting and learned more than I ever thought I would.

What are your proudest accomplishments while at TCU?

I am really proud of the work I have created during my time at TCU. I am proud to say that I graduated with a 4.0 in my major, I have gained incredible connections through my faithful professors, and I finished top of my class this semester. I have won awards and been chosen for incredible opportunities, but the experiences made with the people I was around and the way I pushed myself are the two things I am most proud of. I also got married at the end of my junior year which was an AWESOME decision 😉

What will you miss about TCU?

I will miss being pushed creatively in many different areas. I know in the career world, my creative efforts will be more focused, but it has been such a gift to grow in a multitude of areas and find my niche in the design world.

What’s next?

I will be moving to San Antonio with my husband so that he can attend PA school at UTSA. With COVID-19, the job search for me has looked different than expected, but I have complete faith that TCU has given me all the tools I need to succeed even in these unlikely times.