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Concur Travel Request

Directions Using Concur to Make a SoM Travel Request

Note: This replaces the former Travel Encumbrance Form that was used to approve travel in the

1. In Concur, click Requests in the upper left portion of the screen


2. Then click Create New Request in the upper right portion of the screen

3. Complete all of the appropriate fields in the form:

a.  Leave Request Type as “TCU Travel Request.”

b.  Provide a name for your trip.

c.  Business Purpose will depend on the nature of the trip, but in the above example of a lecture recital, you would choose Research – Employee Travel.

d.  Select a start and end date for the travel, as well as the destination.

e.  Choose the appropriate Trip Type.

f.  Leave Traveler Type as Employee.

g.  If you are seeking funding for the trip (from the School of Music or any other unit on Campus, please answer Yes to the “Will you be seeking University Funds?” question.

h.  If you are traveling with students, including graduate students, choose the appropriate option.

i.  For the university property question, TCU-issued laptop computers count, so please select yes if you’ll be traveling with your computer.

j.  If you will be including personal travel not associated with the sponsored trip, please indicate that along with the dates.

4.  The last fields are very important.

a.  Ensure that Business Unit is (TCU) Texas Christian University.

b.  Ensure that Fund is (11000) TCU General.

c.  Most travel will fall under the Department (76000) School of Music.  If you are not sure, just use this. If a different department is needed, we’ll let you know.

d.  Most travel will not require a Project number. If a project number is needed, we’ll let you know.

5.  Under Additional Information/Comments, please answer the following questions:

a.  How will your teaching duties be covered during your travel dates?

b.  Are you presenting, attending, or providing some other function?

c.  In what ways will this travel enhance your teaching?

d. In what ways will this travel enhance your Research/Creative Activity?

e.  Are there any other comments you wish to make in support of receiving funding for the travel?