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Recital Scheduling Form

Recital Scheduling Form

Recitals are not confirmed until the form has been submitted to the School of Music office and approved by your applied professor. Once approved the recital date and time will be confirmed by the Stage Managers.

Any special requests for stage setup should be sent directly to the stage managers 7 days prior to your recital date at

All completed programs and program notes should be submitted to Sarah Walters no less than 2 weeks prior to your recital date at

Please review the TCU Recital Scheduling Policy before submitting this form. It is the responsibility of the student AND professor that all recital scheduling guidelines are followed. Failure to follow this policy will result in the removal of the student recital.
I have read and agree to the TCU Recital Scheduling Policy. *
Student Recital Guidelines

• Face coverings, including bell covers and Win-D-Fenders, are required of all individuals while indoors.
• Physical distancing is expected for unvaccinated individuals.
• No food or beverages will be served.

The default recital option is with an in-person audience. However, recitals scheduled less than two weeks in advance of the recital date are not guaranteed an audience due to limited staff availability.

• Unvaccinated audience members are expected to wear a face covering and physical distance.

Failure to adhere to any of the guidelines outlined above will result in the following.

• The event livestream will be turned off and the performance will be stopped.
• Any in-person audience members will be asked to leave the hall.
• The student will be reported to the Director and Dean for violating TCU policy.
• Depending on the severity of the violation, the Director and Dean will determine any additional penalties including, but not limited to, escalating the case to the Dean of Students and Chancellor.

By scheduling a recital, you agree to follow the guidelines outlined above. *
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A copy of this form will be sent to Mrs. Nita Ferrell who will reach out to you and your professor via email to confirm your recital date and time.