Organ Audition Requirements

Organ & Church Music (BM)

For entrance into the TCU School of Music and scholarship consideration, candidates are encouraged to audition in person before the TCU organ faculty.

Three pieces as follows:

  • A work by J. S. Bach or one of his contemporaries
  • One composition from the 19th or 20th century
  • One traditional hymn

Length of audition is 15 minutes.

Nordan Young Artist Award

For the Nordan, you will need to prepare repertoire identical to list above. Learn more about the Nordan Young Artist Award.

Learn more about the organ program at TCU.

Graduate candidates will perform:

  • A major work of J. S. Bach, a work from the Romantic Period, and a piece composed after 1920
  • Length of audition is 30 minutes
  • Memorization is not required

Learn more about theĀ organ program at TCU.