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TCU’s two lighting and fashion merchandising centers connect you with industry professionals and provide space for experimenting with what you learn in the classroom.


Center for Lighting Education

Founded in 1998, the Center for Lighting Education provides students and professionals hands-on experiential learning and the ability to mock up design vignettes to evaluate the impact of lighting. This ability for students to experience various qualities of light is central to the interior design program and the associated architectural lighting design minor.

This same experiential philosophy extends to the center’s outreach programs to both the university and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This 600-square-foot facility contains a flexible ceiling system designed to maximize the ability to demonstrate all aspects of halogen, fluorescent, metal halide and LED lighting. Even the student tables fold up against the wall to maximize space for large-scale demonstrations.

For current and upcoming lighting events, please contact Alyssa Humphries Stewart.


Center for Merchandising Education and Research

The Center for Merchandising Education and Research links education to the merchandising industry, providing professional development in merchandising for our community. The center forges meaningful industry partnerships that enhance the education and development of TCU merchandising students and faculty.

Center-sponsored programs attract industry executives to campus to interact with students, alumni and the community-at-large. Programs include the Executive in Residence Day, Merchandising Matters Career Symposium, Fashion Week and speakers’ forum with corporate CEOs.

The center generates funding to recognize outstanding students with awards and stipends for travel programs, out-of-state internships and industry-sponsored conferences and seminars. The center facilitates academic research that can be applied to industry challenges, coordinating faculty internships and recruiting future merchandising students to TCU.

The center’s faculty bring extensive industry experience spanning more than 30 years from retailing, manufacturing, design and product development, quality assurance and buying.

For more information about the center or opportunities to collaborate contact
Sally L. Fortenberry, Ph.D., CFCS.