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Chair’s Message

If you want to exercise your creativity in solving communication problems, designing environmental space, exploring the ideal user interface and experience, web and print and advertising design, flexing your entrepreneurial muscles along the way, then we may well be what you’re looking for.

The Department of Design considers design as a methodology for planning, analysis and problem solving. Solving the problem becomes an exercise in mass communication and frequently commerce, directed through graphic and interior design. For example, a graphic designer’s job may be to create a memorable brand for an organization that elicits a positive response from the consumer market. The interior designer may be tasked with creating the ambience for a fine dining establishment that positively reinforces the mission of the business—tone, theme, feel—with the patrons. In either case and many others, a careful analysis of the problem leads to an elegant and effective solution.

This philosophy is at the heart of this department and underscored in every class we offer. We wholeheartedly credit this way of thinking with the longstanding success of our students and alumni.

Our faculty includes 12, highly-qualified full-time professors. Many are also professional design practitioners. We supplement our permanent faculty with design professionals from the vibrant local, design community. You will find us friendly, professional and absolutely dedicated to the success of our students and academic programs. Offerings include the BFA in Graphic Design, the BFA in Interior Design, the BS in Design Studies and Minors in Architectural Lighting Design and Design of the Built Environment.

Lewis Glaser
Chair, Department of Design