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Elisabeth Adkins Professor of Violin 817-257-6628 Music
Neil Anderson-Himmelspach Associate Professor of 
Music Technology
and Music Theory/Composition
817-257-4149 Music
Christopher Aspaas Director of Choral Activities,
Associate Professor
817-257-7609 Music
Sean Atkinson Director of the School of Music and Associate Professor of Music Theory 817-257-5417 Music
David Begnoche Associate Professor of Trombone 817-257-6638 Music
Elise Belk Adjunct Faculty in Oboe 817-257-6684 Music
Martin Blessinger Professor of Music Theory and Composition 817-257-7264 Music
Gina Bombola Instructor in Musicology 817-257-4841 Music
Michael Bukhman Assistant Professor of Collaborative Piano & Chamber Music 817-257-5174 Music
Thomas Burchill Adjunct Faculty in Jazz Guitar 817-989-1377 Music
Jon W. Burgess Division Chair of Brass,
Professor of Trumpet
817-257-6636 Music
H Joseph Butler Professor of Music, 
University Organist
817-257-6629 Music
Joey Carter Instructor of Music (Theory, Jazz, Percussion) 817-257-6114 Music
Stuart Cheney Division Chair of Musicology,
Associate Professor of Musicology
817-257-5644 Music
Chip Christ Adjunct Faculty in Guitar 817-257-5396 Music
Paul Cortese Assistant Director for Operations, Director of the Summer Music Institute 817-257-7098 Music
Audrey Davis-Stanley Adjunct Faculty in Voice 817-257-8172 Music
Marcie Ellen Duplantis Adjunct Faculty in Voice 817-257-7232 Music
Joe Eckert Professor of Saxophone/Director of Jazz Studies 817-257-5576 Music
Nancy Elledge Adjunct Faculty in Voice 817-257-5459 Music
Blaise Ferrandino Division Chair of Theory/Composition,
Professor of Music Theory and Composition
817-257-6608 Music
Bobby R. Francis Director of Bands, Professor of Music 817-257-7640 Music
Mikhail Misha Galaganov Division Chair of Strings,
Professor of Viola
817-257-6619 Music
Clay Garrett Adjunct Faculty in Tuba and Euphonium 817-257-6618 Music
Matthew Garrett Assistant Director of Bands,
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Music,
Director of Athletic Bands
817-257-6702 Music
Mehrdad Gholami Adjunct Faculty in Flute 817-257-6611 Music
Ann M. Gipson Associate Professor of Piano, Director of Piano Pedagogy Studies 817-257-6312 Music
Kyp Green Adjunct Faculty in Jazz Bass 817-257-5765 Music
George (Trey) Gunter Instructor in Music Theory/Composition 817-257-5766 Music
Germán Augusto Gutiérrez Professor of Orchestral Studies 817 257-7654 Music
Charles Hall Adjunct Faculty in Bassoon 817-257-6684 Music
Lois Sonnier Hart Adjunct Faculty in Voice 817-257-7341 Music
Jeremy Landon Hays Adjunct Faculty in Voice 817-257-7232 Music
Juliette Herlin Assistant Professor of Cello 817-257-7232 Music
Jeffrey S. Hodge Adjunct Faculty in Percussion 817-257-5759 Music
Heidi I. Irgens Adjunct Faculty in Musicology 817-257-8176 Music
Cecilia Lo-Chien Kao Assistant Professor of Professional Practice & Collaborative Piano Artist 817-257-5761 Music
Yoheved Kaplinsky Distinguished Guest Professor of Piano 817.257.6606 Music
San-ky Kim Professor of Voice and Opera 817-257-7762 Music
Aaron Kline Graduate Instructor in Theory/Composition 817-257-8184 Music
Patrick Leaverton Adjunct Professor in String Music Education 817-257-7602 Music
Haerim (Liz) Lee Assistant Professor of Violin 817-257-7602 Music
Won Yong Lee Adjunct Faculty in Musicology 817-257-7457 Music
Yuan Lu Professor of Double Bass 817-257-4465 Music
Corey Mackey Assistant Professor of Clarinet 817-257-6622 Music
Colleen Hughes Mallette Adjunct Faculty in Voice 817-257-6606 Music
Harold Martina Professor of Piano 817-257-7026 Music
Guillermo Martinez Instructor in Class Piano, Piano Pedagogy 817-257-5458 Music
Mark Metcalf Adjunct Faculty in Voice 817-726-9789 Music
Till MacIvor Meyn Professor of Music Theory and Composition 817-257-5067 Music
Michael Morrison Adjunct Faculty in Jazz Survey 817-257-6606 Music
John Owings Division Chair of Piano,
Herndon Professor of Music
817-257-5764 Music
Cara Pollard Adjunct Faculty in Jazz Survey 817-257-7232 Music
José Pablo Quesada Rosales Adjunct Faculty in Musicology,
Director of Operations for PianoTexas International Academy & Festival
817-257-7456 Music
Marla Ringel Visiting Lecturer of Music Education 817-257-6626 Music
Twyla Robinson Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Voice 817-257-7232 Music
James D. Rodriguez Division Chair of Voice,
Assistant Professor of Voice & Voice Pedagogy
817-257-4572 Music
Michael Shih Distinguished Guest Professor of Violin 817-257-7602 Music
Laura Singletary Division Chair of Music Education,
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Instrumental Music Education
817-257-4958 Music
Amy Stewart Instructor in Music 817-257-7179 Music
Heather Test Instructor of French Horn 817-257-7763 Music
Shauna Thompson Division Chair of Woodwinds,
Associate Professor of Flute
817-257-6611 Music
Corey Trahan Interim Director of the Opera Studio,
Lecturer in Voice
817-257-6630 Music
Tamás Ungár Professor of Piano 817-257-5893 Music
Kela Walton Instructor in Harp 817-257-6099 Music
Allison Whetsel Ward Adjunct Faculty in Voice 817-257-4956 Music
Timothy D. Watkins Associate Professor of Musicology 817-257-4959 Music
Brian A. West Professor of Music and Coordinator of Percussion 817-257-5759 Music
Nathan Wilks Adjunct Faculty in Music Theory/Composition 817-257-7232 Music
Angela Turner Wilson Associate Professor of Professional Practice,
Founding Director of the TCU Festival of American Song
817-257-7232 Music
Brian Youngblood Associate Director of Bands,
Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Music
817-257-6614 Music
Sean Atkinson Director of the School of Music and Associate Professor of Music Theory 817-257-5417 Music
Paul Cortese Assistant Director for Operations, Director of the Summer Music Institute 817-257-7098 Music
Elizabeth Kirkendoll Assistant Director, Academic & Student Programs 817-257-4796 Music
Lori Christ Director, Music Preparatory Program 817-257-6645 Music
Jennifer DeSantis Assistant Director, Music Preparatory Program 817-257-7604 Music
Brandon Fain Stage Manager 817-257-7605 Music
Nita Ferrell Administrative Assistant 817-257-6527 Music
Corey Hale Head Stage Manager 817-257-7605 Music
Andrew Hamer Coordinator of Music Information Technology 817-257-4708 Music
Janis Janes Coordinator Early Childhood Music, Music Preparatory Program 817-257-6134 Music
Karen Minatra Administrative Assistant to the Director/Office Manager 817-257-6606 Music
Alex Moore Chief Piano Technician 817-257-6423 Music
Sharie Owens Administrative Assistant- TCU Bands 817-257-7640 Music
Lori Stowe Academic Program Specialist 817-257-7232 Music
Sarah Walters Coordinator of Music Admissions 817-257-4742 Music