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Audition dates for 2017 – 2018

Audition DateTimeDeadline for Materials
Fri., October 13, 201710:00 a.m.Mon., October 2
Fri., November 17, 201710:00 a.m.Mon., November 6
Fri., January 26, 201810:00 a.m.Mon., January 15
Sat., February 3, 201810:00 a.m.Mon., January 22


Request an Audition


All applicants are encouraged to participate in TCU’s Early Action Programs.  Early Action 1 candidates must participate in either the October of November audition.

Selecting your Audition

In-person auditions are required for all applicants.

The only exceptions we allow are for students from outside the contiguous 48 states.  If you meet this criteria, email us at and we will send you the required format for the media audition.

Before selecting your audition, review the dates with your home studio instructors and choreographers so they are aware you are unavailable on the day prior to and the day of your audition for rehearsals or performances. If you are not flexible with your audition date, we encourage you to submit your materials well in advance of the deadline.

Auditions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis with a maximum capacity of 36 applicants per audition.  You can request a specific audition date at any time; however, you will not be confirmed in the audition until all of the required materials are received. If we have not received all the elements of your application by the deadline for audition materials date, your slot in the audition will be released to the wait list.

Do not schedule non-refundable travel arrangements until you receive written confirmation.