Health & Safety

A Message from Elizabeth Gillaspy, Director July 13, 2020

The SCCDance is a community of caring, resilient, creative, and committed artists whose training and education position them to navigate this unprecedented time of challenge and uncertainty with collaborative energy and mutual support. We will get through these challenging times and as the dance field is revealing, we will find new ways to connect, create, and collaborate that we might never have discovered otherwise.

This FAQ site is intended to answer some of your questions, describe the SCCDance health and safety protocols, and update you on information specific to the SCCDance for Fall 2020. As you all know, COVID-19 continues to expand across Texas, and TCU and the SCCDance are working to respond to daily changes in news as quickly as possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to adapt, plan, and communicate. We will update this site as often as possible; check back regularly.

In health and humanity,
Elizabeth Gillaspy on behalf of the SCCDance Faculty and Staff

Our focus is on health and safety as the priority – for everyone – faculty, staff, students. With that as our focus, we have made the choice to put some classes online while others will be on-campus but in a hybrid, socially distanced format. Some faculty will be in the studio from a remote location, while others will be in the studio space.  Every course offered in Fall 2020 is available through remote access should a student or faculty need to move online.  Each faculty remains committed to providing a robust and engaging experience for you, no matter the format.  Our commitment has not wavered.  Since the end of spring semester, each of the SCCDance faculty members has been deeply engaged in training, course development, and ongoing planning discussions. Building on what we learned in the spring, and with time to deliberate and develop, we look forward to this semester with you.  To our returning majors, we recognize this semester will look very different from previous fall semesters; to our incoming students, we are excited to be with you and for your upcoming journey.  We know that we will come out of this experience with a deeper, fuller understanding of the impact our art form can have on our world.




We will continue to dance!  Some courses will be offered fully online and some in person (instructor may be in the studio with you or remoting into the studio), with social distancing and mask requirements in place.  Practice dancing in your mask now if you have not already.  Students who have chosen to be in residence for their courses (either TCU housing or close off campus) will have access to dance studios in Erma Lowe Hall for studio courses as frequently as physical distancing guidelines allow.  In this hybrid format of delivery, some students will access a course remotely while others are in the studio simultaneously.  Everyone in residence will have studio access for some number of days each week unless health and safety warrants a space or facility access change. Student group rotation calculations are currently being finalized, and we are prioritizing maximum access to studio space for everyone, while adhering to critical, professional-field guidelines of physical distancing.  Students who have chosen to be fully-online will not have studio access.  We will continue our work as artists with attention to training, exploration, investigation, and creativity.

Most lecture-style courses are offered fully online. Faculty have crafted experiences of substance to support exploration, investigation, and discovery.

Studio access for on campus/in residence students will include rotation between live space and remote space as determined by physical distancing requirements.  After-hours studio access may be limited by scheduled cleaning protocols.  Studio assignments are still in process and will be based on final on-campus enrollment.  Physical distancing and mask requirements will be in place for each of our unique learning spaces.  For in-person courses, some instructors will be conducting the course remotely – via Zoom – while in-residence students have access to critical studio spaces as frequently as physical distancing guidelines and studio maximum occupancy sizes allow.    For in-person courses, some students will be engaging through remote access in order to adhere to maximum capacity limitations.

College of Fine Arts events programming — Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and TCU’s public health initiative to help protect the health and well-being of our community, the TCU College of Fine Arts will be unable to welcome audiences in-person at any events this fall and until further notice. These events include performances presented by DanceTCU, Theatre TCU and the TCU School of Music as well as exhibitions and events hosted by or at The Art Galleries at TCU (Moudy Gallery and Fort Worth Contemporary Arts). 

What does this mean for DanceTCU? 

This decision means we will take advantage of directions already emerging in the professional dance field and produce/perform for broadcast, closely resembling the necessary and innovative decisions being made in the field while prioritizing health and safety.  Our primary areas of production and performance focus will be the digital broadcast via internet platform of filmed/video-edited dance or Screendance/Dance for Film. Filming locations will include Erma Lowe Hall studios and possible on-campus locations, with approval and with adherence to physical distancing and masking requirements. Because these modalities are currently being practiced in the professional dance field, these experiences are rich with authentic and real-world opportunities.  We are very excited about the multitude of possibilities these formats provide and for the creativity they can unleash!

We will continue to navigate details, bring our creativity to possibilities, and share them with you as soon as they are available.  We will also reach out during this process for your feedback and input.  Additionally, please know that all our current guest artists are on board for working with us in process and performance in all the creative, substantive and educational ways that may emerge.


Information Coming!

We are in an unprecedented time that requires each of us to work together to adhere to all health and safety protocols.  Each member of the SCCDance community: faculty/staff/students and all individuals who enter Erma Lowe Hall must adhere to all required health and safety protocols as posted and communicated.  TCU will not approve any off-campus travel associated with academic coursework for Fall 2020.  Information on this site will be updated regularly with guidelines from TCU and the SCCDance.

All individuals in Lowe Hall will be expected to follow posted “traffic direction” signage for movement flow throughout Lowe including entrances and exits from classrooms and building.  Management of movement flow through Lowe spaces supports necessary physical distancing requirements.

Physical distancing calculations are based on the current dance field standard of 10’. All dance studios will be marked for physical distancing requirements for movement classes.  Some movement practices may be limited or eliminated as they require close contact or extended contact with individuals or surfaces.

Health and Safety are the priority for everyone.  The protocols and processes will continue to develop as information and best practices continue to evolve.

Face masks required at all times including in dance classes.

Hand sanitizer stations, wipes, cleaning supplies for studios will be in each of the learning spaces and regular cleaning of barres, floors, surfaces throughout the day will be the standard.  Everyone will have a role in maintaining spaces.

Dressing/Locker rooms are available at limited capacity and restricted use.  No locker storage permitted. Bathroom use and quick change only.  Physical distancing and maximum capacity restrictions required. Signage will provide guidance.  More details coming.

Pilates classes will have access to equipment during class time for on campus/in residence students – with physical distancing and maximum capacity restrictions in place.

We value our community and the mutual support and interaction that are at the heart of the SCCDance.  We will work to provide ways for our community to gather, interact, connect, and support throughout the Fall 2020.  Our shared spaces, particularly Lowe Lounge will be restricted to traffic flow only and will not be in use as an extended gathering space.